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Why Do I Need To Hire Pressure Washers Instead of Rent

There’s a question that needs a definite answer. Renting pressure washers to clean your home is not entirely safe. Here’s why:  

Having a dirty driveway or stained roof will trigger your desire for general cleaning and restoring your home’s natural beauty. In this case, you might need the help of a professional pressure washing company

When purchased and used by ordinary consumers, pressure washers can pose a lot of dangers and risks. For one, the water pressure is too powerful. It can pierce through skin and eyes, causing major injuries to humans. That being said, a pressure washing machine should be handled to extreme caution. However, professionals do not recommend pressure washing machines to be utilized by ordinary consumers themselves. Another reason is that consumer pressure washers may not be able to deliver the desirable results needed. 

Renting a pressure washing machine does not guarantee long-term effectivity. These machines can be rented repeatedly by different consumers, which can be destructive to both the engine and the results over time. Later on in the process, you will find out that you can not complete your cleaning tasks efficiently or achieve the expected results. 

Professional Pressure Washing Service Cost

Hiring a professional pressure washing may cost you money, but it has significant benefits. The services’ price usually ranges from 8-80 cents per square foot. Just remember that prices vary depending on the company, the local rates, and the type of job required. 

Fundamental Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring a Professional Pressure Washer 

Before deciding whether you should hire a specific pressure washing company, you need to ask them a few important questions. 

  • First and foremost, you will need to know how much the services would cost. 
  • Also, ask how much pressure they will be using for the job. The pressure is measured by pounds per inch and gallons per minute. Do not be fooled by some companies who tend to sugarcoat their words claiming that more pressure is good, because experts say otherwise. Keep in mind the types of surfaces that need to be cleaned. For wood, grout, and roofing, higher pressure is not necessarily better. 
  • Make sure to ask if they use environmental-friendly solutions. 
  • Please inquire about the specific water temperature they will be using. If your surface is extremely dirty, cold water may not be sufficient, especially on greasy areas. More often, hot water is better. 
  • Last but not least, ask for a budget proposal or their estimates. Sometimes, you will need to look into their references, the reviews from their past clients, and know about their experiences with the company. 
  • Make sure that you hire licensed and insured pressure washing professionals before you agree to everything. In the end, you will be putting the safety of your home or property to their hands and expertise. It’s always better safe than sorry.