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Top Tips on How to Dry Carpet

Carpets go through many changes due to several reasons. It may be the weather, the condition of your home, the maintenance or lack thereof, etcetera. Sometimes they get wet, and if no proper action is taken, it leads to carpet damage.

Drying the carpet depends on several factors such as climate, humidity, and carpet size. Carpets tend to still have that moisture and dampness for about six to ten hours after the drying process, while other rugs can remain damp and wet for the next 24 hours after drying. For water damages and leaks, the carpets take a much longer time to dry. Your goal is to act fast and do not let the wet carpet sit. Leaving a damp carpet just as it is isn’t just bad for your carpet but the health of the entire family as well. Wet carpets are home to mold and mildew, and once that moisture sets in, it’s almost always challenging to eradicate the mold away.

It is essential to ensure that your carpet is clean and dry to prevent mildew and mold from growing on the carpet. The question now then is how to dry carpet in a way that it’s restored to its former beauty? Let’s talk about the tips on how to carpet dry.

Expert tips on how to dry carpet

Time is crucial for wet carpets. Follow these tips on how to dry your carpet and ensure that you’re preventing the spread of mold and mildew from ever getting in your home.

Remove the moisture

The first step is to remove the water that’s soaked in the carpet and stop it from seeping into the fibers deeper. Use a wet vacuuming machine to remove the moisture. You can purchase the machine yourself or rent out one.

However, if the carpet is completely soaked in water, a simple vacuuming won’t work. Use a shop vac as it has more suction power than the usual vacuum cleaner that most homeowners have. You can also rent out a submersible pump if it’s available in your local hardware store.

Create airflow

Use dehumidifiers to the water circular in the carpet. The move is in a back and forth motion to let the area dry doth. Check the site every once in a while to ensure that it’s already dry. Centrifugal fans produce more airflow and, thus, a much better drying machine than others.

There is also the axial fans. These are larger round fans used for a direct target. If the weather allows it, open your windows and doors to welcome more natural air in.

If the carpet gives off that musky smell, all you need is to sprinkle a dash of baking soda into the wet area and let it sit to neutralize the scent. Leave it overnight and vacuum the debris later on.

Expose the carpet padding

There’s a high chance that when the carpet has been soaked in water for a long time, the carpet padding can no longer be used. In that case, you would have to replace the padding. Doing so is crucial to prevent molds and mildew in your carpet and into your home.

But if the damage isn’t as extreme, then exposing the padding will also work. Remove as much water as you can, then peel the carpet back. Start peeling in the corner and be careful to grab only the fiber of the carpet. You can always use pliers if you can’t do it manually.

Exposing the carpet produces a tearing and crackling sound, don’t let that stop you. This sound is just the tack strip and not a sign of further damage to the carpet.

Should you call for professional help?

Carpet care isn’t an easy task to do. It takes time and a whole load of patience. The truth is, drying carpets, especially larger ones is a whole new matter entirely. Carpets that take much of the entire rooms is too huge a project for homeowners who don’t have the right equipment. Just a simple vacuum cleaner won’t do.

It’s far more practical to hire a professional who has all the tools and equipment to efficiently and quickly dry out the carpet. Remember that the key to drying out carpets is time, and if you don’t do it right the first time, you are putting your carpet and investment at risk. Call SuperKleen Knoxville carpet cleaners and schedule an appointment now!