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Signs That You Need Carpet Replacement

You may be looking at your carpet and can’t help thinking that it’s about time for replacement as it already served its purpose well. The average life of a carpet is between three to five years, but that depends on the carpet’s quality and the maintenance it gets. The average life of a carpet much depends on many factors, including the number of people living in the house, the area where the carpet is located, etc. 

The average life of your carpet

A small number of homeowners have carpet that lasts for under five years, but this length is common in rents and apartments. Landlords already expect renters not to maintain the integrity of their carpets. By the end of the lease or even before it, they tend to change the carpet to keep the place’s aesthetics. Renters also do not invest in carpet maintenance and are not concerned about the look of their floor coverings. They know that the upkeep of the apartment falls in the hand of the owners. 

Carpets for residential homes, on average, lasts for about five to ten years. This is already a considerable length, but some carpets stay for a longer time. Residential carpets are usually made out of cheaper materials such as polyester. It’s also common for homes to have children and pets, which often causes much traffic and stains. Property owners usually don’t invest much as they know that they’d have to replace in the next five to ten years or so. Instead, they regularly clean and vacuum their carpets to keep the wear and tear at bay. 

Being it an expensive investment, many would want their carpets for some decades. The most durable carpets are made out of nylon or wool. Some homeowners read about the quality of fiber before they decide to make the purchase. Several factors to consider a carpet’s durability are face weight, fiber type, pile height, carpet style, padding, twist level, and density. For example, carpets that last for over twelve years have a face weight of more than forty ounces. 

Extend your carpet’s life

Extending the life of your carpet depends on how you take care of it. The more you care for it, the longer your carpet will last. Here are some steps and hints you can do to extend the life of your carpet. 

Vacuum the carpet regularly 

Maintenance is a critical step to ensure that our carpet remains to look clean and nice. Vacuuming regularly takes away the dust and germs in the carpet and keep them from pooling into the carpet fibers. The debris and the dirt can damage your carpet and lessens the life span considerably. Invest in a quality vacuum cleaner if you can get one so that your carpet is getting the best care as much as possible. 

Rearrange your furniture frequently.

Move your furniture and upholstery now and then to change the flow of foot traffic. Don’t let the same spots in the carpet get damaged. Without moving furniture around, your carpet will look worn down in only the same places. You need to be creative in your interior placement to keep the carpet from looking worn and used. 

Use carpet protectant

There are several protectants available in the market today that are designed to extend the lifespan of your carpet. The protectants are created with the newest technology to keep the soil, and oil-based dirt spills away from the carpets. Most formulas sold act as barriers as they protect and coat the carpet fiber from spills and stains. 

Remove spills and stains immediately.

Stains and spills are common accidents in the home, especially if you have pets and kids. Pets poop in carpets and poop stain is a challenge to remove. The same is true for stains caused by your children’s toys, dyes, etcetera. The best option in taking care of stains and spills is to remove them immediately. Don’t let it sit overnight or for hours as the stain or the spill will seep further into the carpet. The longer they are left out to sit, the harder it will become for them to be removed. 

The average life span of a carpet is certainly up to you. If you want your carpets to last for a long time, you’ll have to take care of them and invest in them. You can also hire professional carpet cleaners and ask them to maintain your carpets for you!