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Removing Carpet Stains after the Holidays

The holiday season is a well-loved event of the year. It’s a time to be merry and to spend time with family and friends. No matter where you are in the world, the holiday is a grand celebration for all. During the holiday, family and friends come together to enjoy and eat. There are games, drinks, various foods, and many more. However, the downside to all these festivities is the mess and the clean-up that happens after the celebrations. 

While the mess will be unavoidable, you can certainly take some precautions to ensure that the day after the festivities isn’t just about leaning and removing food stains. Check out these tips!

  • Avoid putting carpets and rugs in high traffic areas. Don’t put the rugs near entrances and exits. Keep the carpets from wear and tear from all the family and friends coming in and out. 
  • If you can, ask the guests and your family to take off their shoes when entering the home to keep the dirt and soil. It would also protect your carpet from oils and debris coming off their shoes. 
  • Vacuum the carpets days before hosting the party to keep the everyday dust from accumulating in the carpet. 

Remove holiday carpet stain

Stains are more prominent during the holiday season. The key to removing carpet stains is to act quickly and efficiently. The moment you notice the stain is the very moment you need to blot it with lukewarm water to keep it from seeping deeper into the carpet. 

It’s much easier to remove wet stains as opposed to dried stains. If you see a wet stain, take a white cloth or paper towel to blot the stain up. Clean the area and gently blot the stain from the outside to the inside. 

Your next course of action is to identify the kins of stain if it isn’t removed yet.  

For oily or greasy stains such as gravy and sauce, use a clean, dry cloth and put it over the stain. Heat the area using iron in a low setting. As the oil warms, it’s drawn to the cloth and out from the carpet. Repeat the process with a new cloth or paper towel. 

Water-based stains use white vinegar mixed in with warm water and another mix of dishwashing detergent and warm water. Dip a clean white towel in the detergent solution and blot away the stain. Gently press the towel into the carpet and wait for at least 10 minutes. Use another towel, dip it into the white vinegar solution, and blot the carpet stain. 

Call the professionals!

Some carpet stains are more difficult to remove than others. If your efforts are proven to be in vain, and your DIY stain removal project isn’t working, it’s time to call the professionals’ help. Professional cleaners know about carpet stains more than anyone else. They are in the industry for a long time, and they have the right experience.

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