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Pet Odor Treatment Tips: How To Remove Pet Odor From Your Carpet

It’s not that we don’t love our pets, we just don’t like it when there’s an undesirable odor where they tend to defecate, especially when the litter box is kind of useless because there is a weird smell or recurring stains on the carpet. We all know how hard it is to clean. Before you go overboard and start looking for pet odor treatment, try these simple pet odor removal tips, and restore your home’s freshness. 

If you are like most of us who usually can’t go to the pet store and purchase expensive pet odor cleaners and stuff, we’ve got your back. These easy tips should help make it easier for you to keep pet odor away from your home. 

Blot the stains immediately

Quickly place a thick layer of paper towels or newspaper to cover the wet stain until it is completely dry. This is the first key to eradicate the pet odor and the stains caused by pet urine. Leaving the carpet stains wet could create a breeding ground for bacteria, resulting in a nasty smell. 

Do not use Steam Cleaners as much as possible.

Avoid using your portable steam cleaner even if it’s your favorite because, more often than not, steam cleaners do more damage than good. The heat from steam cleaners can cause the proteins found in animal urine to bond with your carpet fibers. The result will be horrible! You may need to contact a professional carpet cleaner in this case. 

Use The ‘Baking Soda Hack’ 

The baking soda hack has always yielded incredible results because it is a safe and natural ingredient. It is completely harmless and will not endanger your pets in any way. Sprinkle baking soda all over wet spots and let it stay overnight. Vacuum the area up in the morning and see fantastic effects. 

Vinegar Too

It’s the classic non-toxic ingredient that can be found in anyone’s kitchen – vinegar. Submerge the affected with white vinegar liberally and let it stay for a few minutes. Blot it dry afterward using a cloth or paper towels. Vinegar helps eliminate nasty odors and eradicate growing bacteria from pet urine. 

Hydrogen Peroxide works wonders as well! 

Another thing that you should add to your DIY list is Hydrogen Peroxide. Most fur-parents recommend using it to clean affected areas in your carpet. If you see pet urine on your carpet, spray a few spritzes of hydrogen peroxide all over the area and wait for it to start bubbling up. This is how you know that the cleaning process has started. Leave it for at least 15 minutes before blotting it dry. 

Call a Professional Carpet Cleaner for Help 

Household solutions or DIYs are great, but sometimes, they are just not enough. When all else fails, it is best to call a professional carpet cleaner for pet odor treatment. 

Hiring expert cleaners pay off every time because they have what it takes to restore your home’s freshness and eliminate disturbing pet odor. Professional carpet cleaners like Super Kleen Services use the right tools and equipment accompanied by correct pet odor removal methods. Because they are experts in this field, they can determine if your pet’s urine has soaked into your carpet padding. They can tell whether you need to get them replaced or not. 

Having pets is one of the best feelings in the world – most pet owners or “fur-parents,” as to how they call themselves, can agree with me. Not only does it allow us to feel loved and cared for, but it also makes us more responsible even without us knowing it. 

Knowing what to do when faced with pet odor-related challenges is really such a big help!