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Home Care – The Best Way to Clean Carpet

We know, carpet cleaning is a challenge sometimes. There’s just so much stain and dirt that removing them is a daunting job. Many homeowners share the same sentiments. You are not alone in this struggle. Experts have the best care tips and solutions when it comes to carpet cleaning. 

If you want to do some home care and you want to make your carpet look fresh and new, then you need to learn the best way to clean carpet. We have compiled a list of effective and affordable ways for you to tackle the dirt on your carpet. Check out these methods and try them on your home’s carpet. 

Vacuum as often as possible

Your vacuum cleaner is your trusted equipment and is considered the best way to clean carpet. The home carpet is a giant air filter and it seems that apart from the aesthetics and comfort, its main job is to collect all that dust and dirt in your home. The dust and dirt will wear your carpet fibers and will eventually damage the integrity of the carpet. With frequent vacuuming, you’re able to extend the longevity of your carpet and you’re also keeping its beauty. 

Lint Roller is your friend

Lint roller is an effective tool to get rid of those hairs, crumbs, and curd on your carpet. These things just don’t go away with vacuum cleaning. It’s even more difficult to use your vacuum if your carpets have long hairs. The solution? Lint rollers! Lint rollers are your go-to especially if you pet dogs and cats in your home. 

Squeegee the pet hairs away

The pet hairs are difficult to remove, everyone with pets can attest to that. As mentioned earlier, the lint rollers can be useful but sometimes, the lint roller isn’t just enough. If that happens, your next friend is a squeegee. We know it’s for the window but it’s an effective tool for getting rid of those hairs too. It’s a handheld tool designed to take away the dislodge gunk, the first, and other substances that stick to the walls. The same is true for the pet hairs on short hair carpets. So, the next time you see a squeegee, take it home because it’s not only for the windows and other flat surfaces, it’s for your carpet too. 

Iron the stain away

Iron is also considered the best way to clean carpet. Using the iron includes a three-step process. 

Vacuum the stain

You first need to vacuum the stained area of the carpet to remove all the hard particles and only leave the stains. It’s what you call prep work. 

Use a water and vinegar mixture

The second step is to treat the spot using a vinegar and water mixture with a 3:1 ratio. Allow the solution to set in the stained spot and let it work its magic. Give it some time, a five-minute window will do. 

Iron the stain

The third step is to finally use the iron. Take a clean towel and place it on top of the stained area then use the heated iron on top. The pressure and heat of the iron will help transfer the stain from the carpet to the towel. It works like a reverse water tattoo. 

Blot, not rub

The usual instinct is to rub away the stain. After all, we often rub away the dirt on surfaces all the time. But that’s not the same with carpet stains. Remember the mantra: blot not rub. Rubbing the stain is the surest way to let that stain spread further. Protect the integrity of your carpet by blotting the stain from inwards to the outside. 

Use baking soda to remove stains

Oil is a difficult substance to remove from your carpet but it’s not too difficult when you use baking soda. Apply baking soda to the stained area and leave it until the soda absorbs the stain. Give it some time and use your vacuum to take away all the baking soda. When that’s done and all that oil has been absorbed, it’s time to dab and blot away the stain. 

All these tips are effective ways to remove all the stains on your carpet. However, if all these don’t do the job, you may need to call in the help of professional carpet cleaners.