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Got Carpet? Here are Easy and Effective Ways to Clean Your Carpet at Home

Keeping Your Carpet Clean

Cleaning the carpet is a necessary chore that helps maintain good health and keep the appearance of your home pleasant. Otherwise, a dirty carpet can become a hive for dust, bad bacteria, dust mites, and many other things that you wouldn’t want inside your house. Let’s look into some of the tips on how to keep our carpet fresh and generally in good condition.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is an effective and convenient way to regularly clean and maintain your carpet. It deep cleans it without having to use water and soap. It is quick and easy and is also sometimes fun to do. It is recommended that you vacuum your carpet at least twice a week, and shampoo it at least once a year.

If you have active children and pets in the house, vacuuming will have to be done more than 2 times a week. Pets shed hair and spread dander on the carpet which needs to be removed to prevent allergies and itching.

For carpets in high-traffic areas, shampooing twice a year is recommended. You can either do it yourself or have professional carpet cleaning services to take care of it for you.

Immediately Attend to Spills and Stains

When liquid is spilled on the carpet regardless of whether it will stain or not, you will just have to assume that it will. So, as soon as it happens, quickly grab a homemade solution or a professional spot cleaning agent that will help you remove the stain.

What happens is, when you don’t clean it up immediately, it will stick and stain, and will be harder for you to remove it. For really stubborn stains like blood or rust, and even ketchup you can apply hydrogen peroxide at full strength.

Wait a few minutes for it to foam and fizzle then clean up the stain using a piece of soft white cloth. Remember: Do not rub it so that that stain doesn’t grind down to the fibers—instead, dab or blot on it with a piece of dry cloth to lift out the stain. Work your way from the outside in on the stained area to prevent it from spreading.

For some general stains like beer or wine, you can use club soda or white vinegar mixed in water. Do the same blotting procedure with 10-15 minutes soaking time just enough for the solution to be absorbed. After which, blot on that area with a piece of dry cloth or paper towels until it is dry and clean.

Some would say that shaving cream is a very effective DIY method to remove general stains. Just leave it on for about 30 minutes and do the same dabbing procedure. As for really tough stains like gum, use ice to harden and eventually detach it from the carpet.

Preventive Measures You Can Do to Reduce Cleaning Time of Your Carpet

  • Remove your shoes whenever possible to prevent mud and dirt from sticking to your carpet
  • Encourage family members to eat meals at designated areas like the dining room. This is to reduce spillages and food debris on the carpet. Although, they can still eat snacks in the carpeted TV room.
  • Let the frequency of your cleaning depend on the number of guests and family members in the house. More people means more traffic, and that means more cleaning time.

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