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Expert Tips on How to Remove Blood from Carpet

Life doesn’t always go the way we want to. It gets messy, too, especially with children and pets in your home. We’re talking about your carpet and all the stains that these floor coverings are prone to all year-round. One of the common carpet stains is bloodstains. Check out these expert tips on how to remove blood from the carpet.

Remove blood out of carpets

Sometimes, homeowners aren’t there at the time of the accident and cannot attend to the bloodstain immediately. If possible, however, remove the stain when it’s still wet. How you remove the stain depends on whether the blood stain is still wet or has dried. But if the stain has dried, there are still several tips you can follow. However, you must remember that one approach may not be practical for all carpets as they come in different kinds of fiber.

For fresh or wet bloodstains, follow the guidelines below:


Fresh blood stains are easier to remove. Start the process by blotting the blood using a paper towel or clean cloth. Change the paper towel and replace it with a new one when it’s already soaked. Start blotting from the outside and work your way into the center of the stain. Be careful not to rub as this would only spread the bloodstain even further.

Use cold water

Fill a spray bottle with cold water and wet the blood. Let it sit and soak for a few minutes. You can also use club soda or tonic water. Avoid applying hot water to a bloodstain, as the high temperature will set the stain on the carpet instead. Repeat the process until the stain is gone. Replace the cloth or paper towel that you use to dry the area once soaked.

You can also use other water mixture, including water with Ammonia and water with detergent. Both solutions are effective, but you need to be careful when applying them. Water mixed with Ammonia shouldn’t be used or woolen carpet.

Salt Treatment

Bloodstains are too strong sometimes that you need more than just cold water. If the stain remains, try using salt. Make a paste of salt and old water in a bowl and put a small amount directly into the bloodstain. Leave it to sit for at least 5 minutes or more. Blot the salt and the stain with a clean cloth. Make sure to check if the stain is coming out or not.

For dried blood stains, follow the guidelines below:

Shampoo and Ammonia mix

Ammonia is an effective way to get rid of bloodstain, may it be wet or dried. But you must handle it with care as it may damage your carpet fibers. You can use Ammonia on its own or use shampoo to begin the process. With shampoo or detergent, there’s a lesser risk of wool damage.

Mix a cup of water and two teaspoons of shampoo in a spray bottle and shake the solution. Use a cloth to blot the stain dry before you spray your ammonia mix. Let it settle for at least five minutes and blot the area dry again. Rinse it with clean water and start the blotting and drying process again. Be careful when dealing with Ammonia as it can produce toxic fumes. Use gloves and mask and keep the room well-ventilated.

Getting the stain out of the carpet is challenging but certainly not an impossible task. You just have to act fast, and you need to use the right approaches to restore your carpet’s look. The secret is to blot the stain and not rub. Don’t forget to use cold water and not hot water to prevent the stain from seeping further into the fiber.

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