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Choosing the Carpets Easy to Clean

Are you looking for a carpet for your home? There are several kinds of rugs to choose from, and you may be overwhelmed with the number of choices you have. When picking up a carpet, the color isn’t the only thing you need to consider. You want the kind of carpets that are easy to clean. Knowing the carpet type is both practical and efficient. 

Kinds of carpets easy to clean

There are usually four types of carpets in terms of material. We have Nylon, Olefin, polyester, and wool.


Nylon is a strong fiber that is more resistant to wear and tear mold, and other chemicals. It’s an easy choice as it lasts more and it’s easier to clean. Steam cleaning is handy for nylon carpets. Among the different types, Nylon is the most resistant to stains.

The downfall:

However, Nylon’s downfall is that it’s a synthetic fiber that is easily stained with typical foods and beverage spills. It also loses its color with bleach, such as chlorine. 

Nylon is an excellent choice for heavily used rooms, including staircases, living rooms, and hallways. Avoid using nylon carpets for your kitchen, bathroom, and other areas where it’s near bleaches and moisture. 


Another term Olefin is polypropylene, which is also a favored choice after Nylon. The Olefin fibers are resistant to abrasion, mildew, and moisture. Carpets made out of Olefin are also easy to clean and survives foot traffic quite well. Since it’s strong, Olefin carpets are often used as artificial sports turf. Olefin carpets are water-resistant, including water-based spills and acid-dye spills like Kool-Aid. Unlike Nylon, it doesn’t lose its color even with strong chemicals. 

The downfall:

Olefin isn’t as durable as Nylon. After cleaning it, the soils tend to appear on the surface when the fibers dry up. It also easily attracts oily dirt, so it frequently needs cleaning. 

Carpets made out of Olefin is an excellent choice for areas near a swimming pool or basements. It’s a wrong choice for areas near greases such as garages. 


10% of homeowners favor polyester carpets for many reasons, and the first one is the cost. It’s made out of budget material. This type of carpet is semi-resistant to bleaches and chemicals, and it’s also naturally stain-resistant. 

The downfall: 

This kind is easily attracted to the soil, and like Olefin, the soil and dirt tend to move to the surface when it dries. 

Polyester carpets are your carpet of choice for bedrooms and other areas with less traffic. 


This kind of carpet holds the smallest market share, but still, it has its good things. It is highly durable and has warm fibers and colors. It is available in an array of colors, and it is made of warm fiber. The color and texture is an excellent addition to the overall aesthetics of your home. Wool carpets make it the right choice for every part of the house. 

The downfall:

Wool is the most expensive kind, and the colors dissolve in chlorine bleach. Despite its price, it doesn’t bode well with strong chemicals. 

Choosing the right carpet is essential, but it’s equally critical to know how to keep them clean. It’s not just avoiding stains, vacuuming, and taking the soils out. There is so much more to carpet cleaning than that. If you want a well-maintained carpet, you can always hire a professional carpet cleaners to have your carpet cleaned and maintained regularly for you.