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Carpet Water Damage – To Replace or To Restore?

Homeowners are often left wondering what to do with their carpets, especially if it’s damaged. Carpet water damage is a common problem among property owners, most often during the rainy season. Many would opt for saving their carpets the replacing them because it’s more cost-efficient that way. However, repairing a damaged carpet is a tricky thing. 

There are several factors to consider before you decide what to do with your damaged carpet. It includes the carpet’s age and quality, the installation type, the type of floodwater involved, and others.

There are three main types of floodwater

Clean, uncontaminated water 

Clear, clean water is often from a broken pipe or rainwater and has no contaminants in it. Carpets damaged with Category 1 have a high chance of getting restored only if it’s fixed in less than 24-48 hours. If the water stays in the carpet for longer than that, the damage will worsen, and the water damage will go to Category 2. Professional cleaners can fix this carpet damage and can restore both the padding and the carpet fiber. Proper sanitation and remediation procedures ensure that the carpet is back to what it looks like before the carpet water damage. 


This is a Category 2 carpet water damage. The water is contaminated and may cause sickness if swallowed or touched. Category 2 water includes overflow water from washing machines, dishwashers, toilet overflows, sump pump failure, etc. Carpets with Category 2 damage takes much effort to salvage. The paddings can no longer be fixed, but the carpet can still be saved. Category 2 damage must be dealt with in less than 48 hours. 


Blackwater is highly contaminated with harmful bacteria and pathogens. Examples of blackwater are sewage, toilet backflows, seawater floods, river, streams, storms, and similar weather-related flooding. Category 3 damage is far too irreparable. Your best option is to replace your carpet as a restoration will hardly work. 

Cleaning mistakes to avoid after water damage 

Cleaning after a flood is a difficult task, mainly because of the number of things you need to inspect and the colossal work that awaits you. Homeowners want to ensure that their home is back to its pristine condition. Before starting your cleaning project, you need to call on the help of a water damage restoration company to bring the water system back to normal. 

When you’re ready to do the cleanup and restoration of your home, take note of the following things you should avoid. 

Tip #1 Avoid using products with the intention of masking the odor

Do not use air fresheners or scented carpet products. Do not attempt to cover the musty or mildew scent, as it’s a way of covering the growth of mold in your carpet. Let a professional inspect the carpet and paddings for mold growth and other damages. When you’re sure that you can no longer smell the musty scent, you can use an odor neutralizer to take the smell away. 

Tip #2 Avoid using the white vinegar mix

White vinegar mixed with water is an effective solution for carpet stains but not for carpet water damage. Vinegar leaves off an acidic smell that stays for weeks or more. Baking soda is also an effective way to absorb small water damage spots, but it’s not enough to absorb the large pooling water in the carpet. More so if the water looks and smells dirty. If such is the case, calling the help of a professional carpet cleaner is your next option. 

Is a DIY project an option 

Dealing with carpet water damage is challenging, but many would take on the task because they want to save their money. However, machines readily available in your home, such as vacuum, ceiling fans, ad towels, aren’t enough to restore and protect your carpet from water damage. Professionals have the right tools and drying equipment to prevent further damage. They can evaluate your mat and go from there. They don’t do any unnecessary steps. Instead, their main goal is to remediate the damage and prevent the total loss. 

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