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Best Ways To Clean Carpet Pet Stains

Pets are fantastic creatures. They are lovable and all-around adorable. The downside is when your pets soil your carpet or, worse, stain them with urine or vomit. Unlike other carpet stains, pet stains often don’t go away quickly. Even when the stain is gone, the foul odor remains. Here are some of the most effective ways to clean pet stains on your carpet. 

Clean carpet stains naturally.

Some pet owners already have their DIY solutions for pet stains, but this 3-step method may help you. Using natural pet stain and odor remover is a most embraced approach as it reduces your pets’ exposure to harmful chemicals. Dogs and cats are much closer to the floor than humans are. Thus, they’re more exposed to the solutions used. Follow this 3-step method the next time you see a pet stain on your carpet: blot, soak and pour. 


Blotting is the secret technique to all stain removal approaches because you don’t want to spread it further. Rubbing the stain would make the stain even worse as it spreads and seeps into the fiber more. 

Use a dry paper towel or cloth to blot the pet stain dry. Replace the towel with a new one if it can’t absorb further. Keep blotting and patting until the area is dry. 


Make your solution using 50% water and 50% white vinegar solution. Put in a spray bottle or a bucket and soak the stained area. The liquid solution cuts through the pet stain and re-wets it so that all of it is lifted off the carpet. The vinegar also neutralizes the Ammonia in your pet’s urine and thus reduces the stench smell. Get deep into the fiber and scrub the area until all the stain and lingerie scent is gone. 


Apply baking soda with a little vinegar solution while the spot is still wet. It helps in getting rid of the urine smell of the carpet completely. Baking soda allows you to get deeper into the carpet fiber. Leave the baking soda on the carpet until the thread is completely dry. The process takes a day or two, depending on the amount of solution used. 

Tips for cleaning carpet pet stains 

Pet owners need to know the items to use before they go through cleaning pet stains on their carpets. Here are some tips you need to remember: 

Steam clean is a no-go.

Steam cleaning is not an effective way to remove pet stains on your carpet. The heat will only let your stain seep deeper into the fiber, making it much more difficult to remove it. It will also allow the foul odor to stick more to the fiber. 

Do not use Ammonia

Ammonia smells a lot like dog and cat urine. Your cat or dog may want to urinate again if they smell it on your carpet. 

Scrub but not too hard

Avoid scrubbing too hard. Instead, remove the stain gently. If you can blot away the stain, then the better, but if you need to apply pressure, do so carefully. Use a soft-bristled brush or a simple toothbrush. You can also wear gloves and use your fingers to work the soap into the carpet fibers. 

Act fast

Don’t wait for another day or two before you schedule a time to remove the pet stains on your carpet. When it comes to stains, time can be your enemy. Letting the stain makes it harder for you to get rid of it. You need to act fast because you don’t want the urine to reach the padding underneath the carpet. If that happens, your next solution is to buy another rug or get a professional carpet cleaner with the right tools and expertise. 

Prevent future carpet stains 

Your next goal is to make the carpet look unappealing for your pets to urinate again into. Dogs and cats urinate on the same spots, so if they still smell their urine on the carpet, they’d treat it as their zone. Train your pets to their proper bathroom area. This training may take some time, so have patience and instill a good habit into them. 

If the pet stains are too much for your homemade liquid solutions, you can always call on the help of carpet cleaner professionals.